Why use volcube in a university

Volcube offers professors, lecturers and students a unique opportunity to teach and study options trading theory. It provides a simulated trading environment where this theory can then be directly put into practice. Volcube caters for all levels of study including undergraduates, Masters and PhD students.

Volcube as a teaching tool
Volcube has been designed for effective use in both the lecture hall, the classroom and in private study. Students can watch dozens of embedded options trading videos in the bespoke Learning environment. They can play simulation trading games at any time, either alone or in groups. They can use the in-game intelligent Market Mentor help system to learn as they trade. Their scores and results are fully analysed by Volcube in real-time, giving them instant, actionable feedback on their performance. Lecturers and tutors can rapidly create trading sessions or use the template Scenario games to quickly initiate a market environment. As all the trading data is stored, student games can be replayed in slow motion to allow for group discussions and learning. Volcube is a fully hosted web-application and very simple to use, by design.

Volcube as an assessment tool
Volcube provides several opportunities for formal assessment of users. Student progression can be tracked using the Levels (1 through 10) system of achievement, with each trading Level successively harder and more realistic than the last. Custom-built Assignments can also be created by tutors in minutes, allowing entire programs of trading sessions to be established in advance. Detailed and Summary reports can be automatically generated via email to keep tutors fully up-to-date with students' usage and success with the technology.

“The ability to replay trading sessions allows both student and lecturer a unique opportunity to discuss and analyse performance.”

Letting students put theory into practice!
Market Squared aims to bridge the gap between academic theory and market practice. With respect to derivatives market trading, Volcube is the perfect solution to this perennial problem. Volcube allows lecturers, regardless of their own experience of the markets, to give their students a realistic insight into real-world trading. Volcube has been designed to complement rather than replace the academic material which is taught in Universities. By trading on the simulations, students can see how their course material is applied in practice. Not only does this deepen their theoretical understanding, it gives them greater confidence for any future job interview or career in the financial arena.

A powerful teaching tool and marketing resource for universities
Using Volcube, universities can offer students a fantastic additional learning resource that can enhance their resumés and broaden their career horizons. And naturally, this can also be a powerful marketing tool for universities looking to attract students to any finance, business or economics-based degree or course.

To discuss a demonstration or free trial at your University, just email demo.request@marketsquared.co.uk.